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LA PORTE ROYALE is a neoteric fashion line that will offer custom-fit clothing. It takes the guesswork out of getting clothes that fit by providing you with an easy-to-use measuring system and a variety of sizing options.

The fashion line, native to Montreal, Canada, and created by Tiffany Pilon, has brought much acclaim with its distinct style, which draws inspiration from the culture of New France. It is a new line of clothing that mixes royalty style with marginality and bohemian.

La Porte Royale's mission is to provide its customers with affordable, high-quality apparel for all occasions. It has also made La Porte Royale accessible to all genders and ethnicities as well. It offers sizes from XXS to XXXL and can tailor any item of clothing or accessory that you currently own.

La Porte Royale also offers a variety of styles, including business casual, formal wear, swimwear, lingerie, jewelry accessories and more!

LA PORTE ROYALE’s fashion line is dedicated to those who want a sophisticated wardrobe with a hint of royalty. Its clothes bring together classic lines with innovative new designs to create ever-changing collections. The fashion line uses sustainable materials and traditional European techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces for the modern woman who wants to feel like royalty every day.

This collection's main feature is using eco-friendly silk in shades of blue. La Porte Royale takes excellent care in the production process to ensure that these colors are bright and vibrant without having any harmful chemicals used on them.

The line uses a unique gold ribbon application technique, usually only for royalty garments, to give their pieces an extra luxury. All components of clothes are made in Canada. The fashion quality is diverse with every dress, so you can feel the uniqueness and luxury.

La Porte Royale's fashion line has continued its eco-friendly materials by using sustainable silk material in several pieces, including gown, high west trouser, pants, as well as skirts.

The brand uses the most delicate handcrafted closures made from gold as well as silk for a stunning accent on their La Porte Royale dresses.

The Royal fashion line also uses silk lining in all of its garments to give them that extra element of luxury while still protecting your skin from harmful chemicals used during the production process. La Porte Royale pieces are perfect for those who want an elegant and sophisticated wardrobe.

LA PORTE ROYALE will offer a" Custom your own fit" option to let people enter their own measurements and having the right fit corresponding to their body.

Let's Take an Illustration as the Jacket named Thorgerd. Thorgerd Jacket is a luxurious winter coat that has been designed to keep you warm and stylish. It has specialized in high-quality, Scandinavian-inspired clothing for women.

Thorgerd's signature coat line was created by La Porte Royale, the leading fashion house in Canada. With this collaboration, they have created a fantastic jacket. It's not a winter jacket that will keep you warm during winter, however it's a business, event, marginal jacket which looks great with any outfit!

No animal products is involve into the fashion line for the love of the animals and the planet. That lends both style and function regarding sustainable practices.

These classy jackets come with a double-breasted front, which will make you look even more stunning than ever. As like the Thorgerd jackets, many custom royal dresses are available in many different color and styles, which allows you to select the one that best matches your royal preference.

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