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Data Confidentiality

All personal information collected is kept private and secure in our database managed by our head office. The information is stricly used for serving the clients proprely, responding to their partnership, collaboration, orders, accounting and, or for tax declaration if needed. 

Agreement to terms

The information we collect is for the sole purpose of providing you with the requested product or service. However, contact us for any changes to your consent or opt-out entirely.


  • Regulations Governing Privacy, Data Security, And Confidentiality:


All client data and information is strictly utilized for legitimate business purposes, such as declaring sales to the government and for our internal purposes. We safeguard all of your personal information.


Third-Party Services

Service providers we work with collect, use, and disclose your information as needed to fulfill the services they provide for us. Some of these service partners need the personal information to complete the purchasing transactions such as '' credit card processing ''. These partnerships have safe privacy policies and agreements in place.

If you conduct a transaction involving that third-party service provider or its facilities, the laws of that third-party service provider may apply to you.


Payment gateways in the US can expose your personal information such as credit card numbers under US legislation such as the Patriot Act if you are a Canadian.


​​Amendments To This Policy Of Privacy

Any changes or clarifications made after contacting the website will take effect right away. We will update this policy if significant changes occur. Any questions about how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information can be answered by contacting us.


Modifications to this Privacy Statement will be effective immediately, and you will not be notified of them in advance. Our Privacy Policy will be updated as needed, so please check back periodically to see if anything has changed. This Privacy Policy will be updated as necessary and will take effect once being published on this website.



Fell free to contact us for any questions on these following requests ; access, correction, amendment, deletion, registration, or simply more information.​

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